The Holiday season is an overwhelmingly joyous time. Through inspirational stories, and kindness given and received by friends and strangers, there is an obvious reason why we all feel a bit happier. Being a close knit company, we pause to reflect on the past year, reminding ourselves of highlights and moments  where joy and kindness was brought to us.

This past October we were lucky to open our doors and hearts to a “Gladiator in a tutu”, Finley Brown. A six year old who has been diagnosed with cancer, Finley is strong, courageous, and just like anyone in this world, undeserving of cancer. Soon after being diagnosed, Finley began treatment which led to dramatic hair loss. We were made aware of Finley’s situation and wanted  to help lift her spirits. This gladiator needed a little extra sparkle to her new look so  we made some luxurious custom designed head scarves using a few of our coveted fabrics.

We invited Finley to come visit us during a not-so-typical day at headquarters. Our team welcomed Finley and her family with gifts and a surprise photoshoot. We tried to put ourselves in Finley’s shoes; as a six year old, one begins to dream about their ‘grown up’ self’s occupation, so we gave the Gladiator a little extra boost and let her experience the exciting world of fashion. Finley was decked out in custom Tart dresses, oohing and ahhing at production, and became  our most beautiful model yet. Finley also experienced what it’s like behind the lens, and based on her magnetic essence we have no doubt that  one day she will grow to be the next big fashion photographer!






Eventually, this day of warmth and passion had to come to an end. But Finley’s smile and actions have continued to leave a big, and bright, impact within  our headquarters. This season, we are proud to share Finley’s story with you and wish everyone good health and lots of joy into the New Year. Happy Holidays from your family here at Tart Collections. May your spirit shine as bright as our sweet Gladiator’s.


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