In 1996, our founders Jamie and Dana Finegold launched the family owned company JD Fine & Co that eventually led to what Tart Collections is today. 20 years later our distinct brand has developed and grown into a team described as a “close knit family”.

With rising and rapid success over the past few years we needed to expand our HQ’s. So Dana, our CFO and super mom, worked her magic with our talented VP of Operations, Despina, to merge three small warehouses into one larger and much more valuable warehouse. The result? Improved ordering & shipping processes and continued passion for stellar service. She cut the big red ribbon as we opened up our new distribution center last fall.

From receiving new products nearly every week to shipping out individual orders every day, our logistics are now even more productive and we’re excited to continue to grow in 2016. Thousands of boxes line the aisles and our logistics and distribution manager, Tony, describes it as a game of tetris. Our Tart Family is so grateful for the support of our loyal customers- we would not be where we are today. We strive to continue to grow and encourage you to follow our independent business achievements. Another successful change in the books!



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